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Hoodoo is not for sale so we don't really do a store full of merch. This is the one and only "Do You Hoodoo?" shirt designed as a way to raise funds for a future live album. As a bonus, every shirt comes with an access code to a hidden webpage filled with a catalog of bootleg, live recordings of the band playing every Sunday night at Rumba Cafe in Columbus, Ohio. With new recordings being added weekly throughout 2019, this shirt is your ticket to experience a live Hoodoo Soul Sunday Night anytime.  

Music Shirt

  • Attached to your shirt is a special fabric tag with a unique URL (all lower case) that will take you to your secret page. This is where you can stream the bootleg live recordings of the 2019 Rumba sessions from your computer or smart phone as much as you like. Once at the web address, you will be prompted to enter your access code which you can find on your tag as well (case sensitive). Return each week for new music.